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Writer’s Guild of South Africa, Muse Award winner 2021 ‘Best Unproduced Feature Film Script’
“The truth, my precious Glavu, is that most people are sick with fear and mad with pain. They have lost their light and become blind to the darkness, which infests everything. Evil has overcome this world and we stand at the edge of destruction.”


There was a world before Corona Virus and this world was already sick

“When I arrived here on earth, I saw that this world I came into is sick. The adults around me seemed to think it’s all good. Almost 40 years later, something stopped parts of the madness that has been going on.”


My First Date with Ayahuasca

“I’ve always felt a deep calling to mystical experience and I’ve always loved to grow and these two urges led me quite naturally toward entheogens, which I have been working with for about twenty years now.”


The Healing That’s in Loving Connection

“It is a beautiful fact that all aspects and parts of life and living are inter-connected. Life is made of relationships, of connections.”


Common Sense

“I am often fascinated by the way words have layers of meaning that may not be immediately apparent and that often take on a life of their own, as they are stretched by usage to reveal new elements of truth over time.”


Nurturing our Connections

“Especially now, in these times of prescribed distance between us, it feels important to remember other ways in which we are connected to each other, other ways in which we can support each other, communicate and strengthen our bonds.”


What is Yin Yang Yoga?

“The terms yin and yang may sound exotic or even strange to some, but they are simply the feminine (yin) and the masculine (yang) principles, or qualities of life, found everywhere in nature and creation.”


We Each are a Piece of the Earth

“At a time in human history where our very survival as a species is in question, through our destructive ways of being, it seems a good idea to take a look at our relationship with our earth and nature.”


Beyond Patriarchy is Balance

“Anything in this world that is out of balance for too long will become sick. Chronic imbalance always brings dis-ease.
Life is a walk, a dance, a song of moving between balance and imbalance, between opposites that weave together to create balance. Constantly in movement.


Taking Competition and Stress off the Yoga Mat. Shall We?

“The sound of ‘stress’ or ‘competition’ and ‘yoga’ don’t seem to harmonize well, right? Yoga is ‘supposed to’ help relax, steady the mind and ease physical discomforts.”


Life is a Relation-Ship

“What is relationship?
We can look at it as the ‘ship’, the space, in which we sit together with someone or something and relate, for however long or short. We find ourselves in such ‘ships of relating’ not just with our children, our lover, or our friends.”


‘God’ – A Most Misunderstood Word

“I would argue that the biggest reason that people lose faith in there being ‘God’, is because ‘God’ is the most misused and misunderstood word that there is.”


The ‘God’ Question

“The question of whether or not ‘God’ exists is the most important question there is.
I cannot state that strongly enough. Nothing is more important. Nothing at all.”


The extract from The Shaper

“The Drunken Uncle stares hungrily at Max and the guys are practically salivating as they pass round the phone. When it reaches Brent he stares for a long moment before Blue rips it from his hand and throws the phone into the vlei.” READ MORE

Arriving in Your-Self

“Along my journey, I have found that unless I can be content within myself, unless I have fully arrived in myself and continue to drop deeper as I go and grow, living life in peace remains something always just ahead of me.”


Mastery and the Ineffable Magic of Self-Expression

What separates the good from the great? It’s a question I’ve always been hungry to answer. From a young age, I wanted to be a writer, then later a screenwriter, but I didn’t just want to be good. I wanted to be great. 


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