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Writing that touches hearts, inspires people and promotes transformation – dedicated to serving the global wave of human awakening.

I deep-dive into your story, distil its essence and magnify its beauty for powerful communication with potent, wide-reaching effect.

Are You:

  • Offering new-paradigm solutions, modalities or products?
  • Passionate about co-creating a healthier world?
  • Seeking a multi-skilled writer-collaborator who fully innerstands and whole-heartedly supports your work?

If your creations are rooted in love and care and enhance the well-being of Life on Earth,
I’d love to craft your message with great skill, intuition and devotion,
so that it lands where it matters most: in the hearts of people.

Languages: English and German

What I offer

Brand Consultation where we establish the unique flavours of your business or project, your deep why, your vision and mission, etc, and find the landscape of words that best deliver it to your perfect audience.

Writing and editing: Newsletters, Campaigns, Sales Pages, Website Copy, Blog posts, Articles, Ghost Writing, E-books, Talk Scripts.

I also offer: Podcast Promotion (getting you into podcasts as a guest) and admin support.

      How I roll:

      Resonance is key. If we resonate personally and professionally, there can be fruitful and mutually satisfying co-creation.

      I immerse myself into your work to fully innerstand your message. I then weave it into a rich tapestry of words – multi-layered and to the point.

      My preference is long-term collaboration; that way one continuously deepens and perfects co-creation.

      If it’s beneficial for the process, I know how to utilize AI to support my work where and when it makes sense.

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      My Deep Why and Mission:

       It is now that we remember that All Life on Earth is inherently sacred and inextricably interconnected …and the old story of separation, exploitation and domination is dying.

      A new way of being – based on collaboration, care and inter-being – is birthing itself, and visionary people like you are manifesting this new reality.

      As it is my biggest dream for humanity to remember and treat All Life as sacred and interconnected, it is my mission to support you – through crafting powerful communication with great impact.

      Hanna Maria

      I am a writer, embodiment coach, musician, artist and passionate lover of the earth. From a young age, my innate need to question conventional ways of living led me off the beaten track time and time again. Called by the unknown, I left my home country, Germany, at the age of 20 and traveled Southern Africa, in company and alone.

      My love for writing has always spun a red thread through my life: I’ve always written, from a very young age, every day. It’s my art: I create worlds with the written word, much like paining a picture, using pen or keyboard as ‘brush’.

      I completed a BA at the University of Cape Town and a postgraduate degree at Rhodes University, South Africa, in the fields of Social Anthropology, Pedagogy, Dance, Choreography and Physical Theatre.

      My passion for adventure and the unknown kept me travelling. I sailed from South Africa to Europe, experienced 20 different countries throughout my life and have worked in many different contexts, developing a wide knowledge base, grounded in curiosity and lived experience.

      I am also a passionate explorer of the self and the human condition. I studied Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement Medicine. I facilitate transformative embodiment sessions, nature immersions, sound journeys, partner yoga and animal movement.

      My rich life experience and big compassionate heart makes my writing multi-layered and full of perspective and wisdom. I bring empathy for diverse perspectives, and genuine warmth into all my work.

      What I bring to your business:

      I have an innate ability to ‘crawl into’ people’s heads and hearts and bring forth into succinct and heart-felt writing the essence of what wants to be communicated. I am a very skilled lateral thinker and can quickly and effortlessly sense any relevant connections, parallels, similarities, etc., and how someone’s unique work fits into the magnificent puzzle of the whole.

      Client Reviews

      Kristin Glenewinkel | Movement Medicine Teacher and Physiotherapist

      Hanna’s sense for language and the written word is profound. Her sensitivity enables her to bring life and balance into writing. It is her skill of deep listening that gives her the flexibility to be in service for all sorts of writings.

      Lenerd Louw | ex-CEO, Author and Speaker

      I’ve worked with great copy writers and advertising agencies and I can say that Hanna is right at the top. She skillfully drew out of me the passion and essence of my soul calling and business offering. She has a knack of then distilling it into words that clearly speak to my potential clients. Beyond that, Hanna is a big-picture thinker who easily and naturally sees the wider web in which the business and its cause is woven into.

      Irmina Jablonska | Visual Artist and Graphic Designer

      Working with Hanna on clients’ websites has been a great privilege and honour. She is a true word smith who writes from love for both: the creator and the audience. Her unmatched devotion to lifing the collective consciousness by amplifying meaningful causes is an irreplacable advantage to anyone who uses her services. The essence of the written word she carries within is true art in its greatest expression. An Artist of the Word.

      Loren Treisman, PhD – CEO | Sam and Bella Sebba Charitable Trust

      Hanna writes well tailored, highly informative and engaging content. Beyond her excellent written prose, what impressed me about Hanna is her ability to deeply understand the values of an organisation and to skillfully extract its essence. In doing so she captivates audiences by touching hearts and inspiring minds. She is a pleasure to work with – emotionally intelligent, organised, highly personable and an inspirational ‘big picture’ thinker. I would highly recommend her work and look forward to working with her again.

      Ilaria Gandossi | Yoga Teacher and Human Rights Activist

      Hanna was super helpful when creating the text for my professional website. She did a wonderful job and was able to recognise my personal message and turn my passion and fire for it into words. I received an excellent product (web copy), delivering exactly what was promised.

      Roland Wilkinson, Manager | School of Movement Medicine

      Hanna has been the editor for The School of Movement Medicine online newsletter for 7 years. During that time she has done an excellent job not only compiling the newsletter but also writing a lead article for each issue. She has always done the work in a timely and efficient manner and is clearly well liked by our readership.

      Gary Shearer | CEO The Saville Foundation

      Hanna’s skills in writing and editing took our site from average to one that gets many compliments. Her input from a content and editing perspective enabled us to deliver our message much more clearly than before.

      Heart-felt truth is often lost amidst the general noise. I am dedicated to being a clear channel for your story – to be strongly felt, thus known, through the written word.

      Hanna Maria


      Some of my written expression. Enjoy browsing…

      We Cannot Go Into Nature

      We Cannot Go Into Nature

      We cannot go into nature. We can remember that this is what we are.
      The ways we speak are so interesting. We say, we are stuck in traffic, while we are the traffic. We say we live on earth, while we are born of her, made from her juices and mud.

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      Too Civilized

      Too Civilized

      So white the walls, no dirt, no curves, no leaves that fall into my tea,
      a raised and white toilet bowl to pee.

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