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…you lean

into the howling wind

and let Him blow

your world wide open

till all answers and questions

are gone;

…you stand

with the tree

and sense your own

roots and trunk,

branches and fruits;

…you lie

on the earth and feel

kinship and belonging,

while dropping all of you

into Her willing arms;

…you sit,

lost in complete wonder,

at the beetles and bees,

ants and leafs
that go about their lives;

…you float

in complete surrender,
on the lake or the sea,

and totally give your body

into the body of Her waters;

…you look

at the fiery sun,

let His warm rays

penetrate your bones

and remind you

of your fire inside;

…you give

yourself, totally,

to This Moment

and let It teach you about


…you honour

your body as a sacred place,

as part of the Holy Creation,

as part of The Earth’s body;

…you cradle

your confused mind, smile

and kiss its pretty forehead,

knowing it’s just

a small part of you;

…you give

your whole heart,

freely and continuously,

to the world that’s

breaking it again and again;

…you cry,

allow all tears to flow

and know that grief

is yet another wondrous

expression of love;

…you lose

your Self, your name,

your mind and reason

to That Truth

deep inside

and far beyond you;

…you touch

the world with feet and hands,

with thoughts and deeds

that know without a doubt

that all is sacred

that all is one;

…you love

All that is, even when it hurts

or makes no sense,

knowing it’s All part of a plan

you don’t need to understand;

…you look

into the depth your Self

and clearly see

the Indescribable Beauty,

Divine Love that you are;

…you laugh

with love

about life and yourself,

grinning and knowing

that it’s all just

a mysterious unfolding

of Divine Play…?