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We are enough…

Nature shows me this: it just IS. The purpose of the flower is to be a flower. The purpose of the bird is to be a bird. The purpose of the tree is to be a tree… Naturally, without strain, the flower gives scents and colours, the bird offers songs, the tree offers shade and fruits; just by being what they are. The purpose of all Life is to fully be and express what it is. Not more, not less. Life, nature, is rooted in being what it is, the becoming and unfurling happens by itself, as life naturally always grows and gives, extending itself into the web of life…

Less and less, yet sometimes I still hear stressful voices in my head telling me I should ‘achieve’ xyz. Achievement. Nature does not know this word. What does it even mean? There is literally nothing to achieve, only to be who we are and to keep becoming more of what we are, in our essence, our true being, beyond the veils of ego, conditioning, fears and limiting beliefs.

There’s this collective story of ‘not being enough, not doing enough, not having enough’. It’s deep. It’s destructive. It’s painful. It’s not true. And, it can feel so real.

I am on my path of healing this in myself, this story of not being enough. My wish for the world is that we can heal this together, in our collective, and see ourselves as the magnificent beings that we are, always enough, while always becoming.

Sometimes, it still gets me, that story of not being enough. When it does, it helps me to come back to a poems that came to me one day, in the morning, when suddenly that story reappeared so strongly:

There is

Nothing to know.
Nowhere to go.

Nothing to achieve.
No one to please.


Being the one I am
as much as I can.

This be my gift to the earth,
who’s gifting me life since birth.