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Author: Hanna Maria

A Short Definition of the Well-Being Economy

I like to start with a definition of Well-Being:

“State of happiness, being pleased and content, low degrees of anguish, generally positive physical and cognitive health and attitude, or good quality of life.” (Psychology Dictionary)

My definition of Well-Being Economy:

The Well-Being Economy is an international movement that is reinventing the economy and its value system. It recognizes that the real value is the participants, all beings that make and hold the economy, and them living a good quality of life. The well-being economy is guided by what is needed for peoples’ true happiness, our environment, and all Life that it depends on.

A Well-Being Economy makes sure that not only businesses and banks, but also people are happy. It is recognized that within the economy that it is not enough if only the business is well, if only the banks are well, if only the corporations are well. That is the situation we have right now. Banks are well. Corporations are well. Big businesses are well, but not the ‘rest’.

As soon as we bring the word Well-Being into the economy, we can see that forever the real value (profit) can only be the true well-being of all beings – humans, animals, plants, etc. that form our world and reality and food source.

With this new perspective, the Well-Being Economy makes the shift from solely chasing the conceptual value of monetary profit, to recognizing the importance and the priceless value of all our well-being, which is rooted in the quality of life – of all Life living.

Reshaping our economy towards more well-being is us remembering that all life is interconnected. It’s re-membering that we are an intrinsic part of and depending on an incredibly intelligent ecosystem. In the long run, no economy can be truly well and successful if we humans, its participants, are more and more unwell and our natural environment is being destroyed through the mindless taking of resources. There is no economy in that.


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