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The illusion of separation…

When I have forgotten that

I am not my ego
I am not my past
I am not my stories
I am not my thoughts
I am not my emotions
I am not my personality
I am not my conditioning
I am not my identifications…

the slow flowing breath,
its gentle touch inside,
its other half, the now,
remind me.

They guide me…
deep into the tissues
and the marrow
of my body,
my beingness.

There it is:
the Now.
The Truth.
That which is real.

Nature too reminds me
that I am IT,
a part of
something much bigger
than my thinking mind.

The burnt mountain
shows me
innocent new life
after the fire.

The flower tells me
about my true essence.

The bird’s song mirrors
my innate joy.

The wind blows
my thoughts away.

The ocean shows me
my true being,
far below the waves.

My breath reminds me;
the depth of my body reminds me;
nature’s wisdom reminds me…

That I am Now
That I am Free
That I am Infinite

That I am IT.